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Hiring through Internship Program 2020 - 21



Scout for interns who could be hired full time for our new program that aims to provide “Digital Transformation” for businesses. We would supplement the students with knowledge base articles and material making them self sufficient to serve any level of businesses.

About “Hiring Through Internship Program”

The “Hiring Through Internship Program” is aimed at students of the academic year 2020-2021 is open for all groups and their corresponding electives. This is due to emerging opportunities in the market for students and a continuous evolution of technology which makes it relevant to all groups and thus makes us consider the same. This is a 21 Days exercise where students get to learn and experience innovative simple methods to optimize Online Presence helping businesses grow Online.

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In "Simple Words" we are looking for

Students/Interns with the attitude to simplify tasks and find reliable & simple solutions for businesses in real-time scenarios.

Get hired in 4 simple steps...


Register your self for the "Hiring through Internship Program 2020-21". 


Complete your "Free" digital marketing certification which will help you with the next step. 


Complete the "Three" tasks that are assigned to you in the given duration of time.  


One final conversation before we decide to hire you.

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