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The Man With The World’s Largest Video Game Collection

Attempting to break a world record is no easy task. It takes dedication, passion, and, in some cases, a lot of money. But it was well worth it for one man. Antonio Monteiro, 36, of Portugal, holds the Guinness World Record for the largest video game collection.

On March 17, 2014, his collection officially entered the Guinness World Records books, surpassing Ben Heckendorn's previous record of 10,572 games. Monteiro currently has 14,612 games spread across 12 different gaming platforms.

Here's a look at how he became the world's undisputed video game collector king:

How It All Began:

Monteiro's fascination with video games began at a young age, when his parents gave him his first console, a Commodore 64, as a Christmas present. He gradually expanded his collection over time, beginning with games he purchased himself and then receiving games as gifts from friends and family members. In 2007, he left his job as an accountant to pursue his dream of opening Portugal's first retro video game store full-time.

Entering the Guinness World Records:

Monteiro learned about Heckendorn's world record in 2013 and decided he wanted to break it. He documented every game in his collection and submitted it to Guinness World Records. After a lengthy review process, Guinness officially recognized Monteiro as the new world record holder in March 2014.

The Collection of Monteiro's Future:

Monteiro has no intention of stopping collecting anytime soon. He still buys games on a regular basis, and his current collection is estimated to be worth around €200,000 (approximately $222,000). When asked to name his favorite game, Monteiro says it's impossible to pick just one because there are so many good ones. "I really enjoy playing them all," he says.


If you're a video gamer who enjoys collecting games, you might want to follow in Antonio Monteiro's footsteps and attempt the Guinness World Record. It could be yours with a little effort (and probably a lot of money). Who can say? You might even break Monteiro's current record one day.

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