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The World's Smallest 3D Printed Character

The documentary "Micro Monsters 3D" is about the smallest 3D stop-motion animated character. A scientist at Cambridge University used an electron microscope to film this character, which was only 0.3mm tall.

The film depicts how this tiny creature was brought to life through 3D printing, and it's no surprise that the film has been viewed by a large number of people online.

Although this is only a small part of the overall project, it's still impressive to see how 3D printing technology enabled it.

The film depicts how a group of scientists and artists collaborated to create this tiny character known as "Nemesis," who is part of a family of four characters known as the "Micro Monsters."

The team behind Micro Monsters 3D had previously created tiny characters such as "Proteus" and "Eros," but Nemesis was the first character created from the ground up using digital technology rather than traditional sculpting techniques.

Lambert and Vitry used a two-photon laser 3D printer to print 250 micro-figurines in various positions to create stop-motion SEM footage.

The researchers were able to test the limits of their 3D printer as a result of their participation in this experiment, as well as consider future research manipulations.

Darrow Prod, a French company, and the University of Franche-Comté collaborated on the project (via its FEMTO-ST institute).

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