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Who are we?

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Who are we?

Executive Panda is a US based Digital Marketing Company. As a marketing company we provide a raft of smart Digital Solutions to our clients transforming them to become vibrant, large business houses. Our forte is providing innovative and customized solutions to our customers through high standards of service, all at an affordable price.

Size does matter, especially for business enterprises. Every small enterprise would like to grow into a medium entity and then into a large Enterprise. At every step in their journey we would love to contribute to achieve their goals.

In short, we at Executive Panda love to be a part of our customer’s success stories.


Our Core Values

What fuels our service? We believe in having a


  • Collaborative Mindset

  • Accountability

  • Innovative Thinking

  • Finding Creative Solutions



We map out a step by step approach to our clients to help them achieve better ROI. Our approach starts with building awareness / branding of a client's products / services, influencing customer consideration, driving action and above all cementing brand loyalty.


Surya Srikanth 



Srikkanth Konatham

Marketing & Sales


Chandrakaanth Tudimilla



Amith Shetty

Manager Sales

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