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5 Shrek Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Shrek's Appearance Is Inspired By A True Story:

The Shrek films are constantly reminding us how terrifying the heroic Ogre's appearance is. Supporting characters frequently point out how unattractive his appearance is, to the point where Shrek drinks a magic potion once to improve it. Many people are unaware that Shrek's physical characteristics were inspired by an actual person from history named Maurice Tillet, rather than fairy tale ogres.

Maurice was knowledgeable as a child. He spoke 14 languages and was pursuing a law degree. But then he got a disease that caused his bones to grow uncontrollably big. Maurice used his new look to become the most famous wrestler of the 1940s, and he even appeared in several movies. Maurice Tillet was a modern-day celebrity who used his unique looks to gain popularity and success in many ways. Shrek's story reminds us that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, despite his frightening appearance.

"Shrek" is based on a book published in 1990:

Many people are familiar with the popular film Shrek, but few are aware that it was based on a book. Shrek!, written by William Steig and released in 1990, tells the story of a grumpy ogre who embarks on a quest to save a princess from a dragon. Despite some deviations from the original story, the film captures the spirit of the book.

In both the book and the film, for example, Shrek and Fiona are depicted as ugly, misshapen characters. Furthermore, Shrek and Fiona, like Steig's characters, eventually come to accept each other for who they are. While the film Shrek is certainly imaginative and entertaining. While the movie Shrek is certainly a creative and unique film, it is clear that its roots lie in Steig’s original book.

"Shrek" saved DreamWorks:

Dreamworks co-founder Jeffery Katzenberg recently spoke with Australia's The Age. In the interview, Katzenberg discussed the Shrek franchise and how it helped Dreamworks Animation save money. He went on to say that the Shrek films defined what a Dreamworks film could and should be. Dreamworks might not be where it is today if not for the Shrek franchise. Katzenberg is grateful for the Shrek films' success, referring to them as "the gift that keeps on giving." The Shrek franchise has clearly had a significant impact on Dreamworks Animation, helping to shape the company into what it is today.

"Shrek" has started the current wave of CGI animation:

The plan when Shrek was first being developed was to use traditional animation techniques. However, the team ultimately decided to use computer-generated imagery (CGI). As a result, Shrek became the first full-length CGI film. Shrek quickly became one of the most popular animated films of all time. It also contributed to CGI becoming a mainstay in the world of animation. CGI has been used in a wide range of animated films and TV shows since the release of Shrek. Shrek had a significant impact on the worlds of animation and computer graphics. Thanks to Shrek, we now have some of our favorite animated films and TV shows - and we have CGI to thank for it!

"Shrek" won the Academy Award for a best-animated feature film for the first time:

It's difficult to believe that animated films have only recently begun to receive the recognition they deserve at the Academy Awards. Despite critical and commercial success, these films were largely ignored in the major categories for many years. Finally, in 2002, the Academy established the best-animated feature category, which Shrek became the first film to win. Shrek's victory was a huge step forward for animated films, paving the way for subsequent successes such as Monsters Inc. and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Today, animated films are finally getting the recognition they deserve at the Academy Awards, thanks in large part to Shrek.

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