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7 Surprising Facts About 101 Dalmatians: A Disney Pup-Or-Ganization

The Dalmatian dog breed is one of the most popular in the world, thanks to the Disney animated film One Hundred and One Dalmatians. When it was first released in 1961, it quickly became a Disney classic. It sparked a live-action adaptation in 1996, and it has since etched its name in the sands of Disney history.

Many surprising facts about the making of 101 Dalmatians resurfaced last year in honor of the film's 60th anniversary. These facts are both entertaining and educational, and they help us understand how much work goes into making a classic film like 101 Dalmatians.

1. Have you ever wondered how many spots are in the film?

More than 6 million!!

People have been wondering how many spots are in Disney's classic film "101 Dalmatians" since its release. So, no more wondering!

There are exactly 6,469,952 spots spread across 113,760 frames, according to those who took the time to count. Isn't that crazy? It's possible that renaming the film "Spots" would have been a better fit. Pongo has 72 spots, while Perdita only has 68. Who would have guessed?

2. The animated movie was inspired by a book:

The story of The Hundred and One Dalmatians has been around for a long time. It was written by Dodie Smith, who goes by her full name Dorothy Gladys, and was first published in 1956.

Smith- is an English novelist and playwright best known for two other works: I Capture the Castle (1947), about lower-class people at odds with their surroundings, and Dear Octopus.

3. This movie saved Disney:

Sleeping Beauty came out before 101 Dalmatians in the 1950s. Sleeping Beauty is now regarded as a success, but it was not always so. It was a flop that nearly bankrupted Disney and caused them to abandon animated films. The success of 101 Dalmatians revitalized Disney's image.

4. The voice actor who did the dog barks was Clarence Nash:

There are some voices in animation that just stick out in your mind. Clarence Nash, whose voice supported many characters including Donald Duck, is one of them. Nash died on February 20, 1985, at the age of 80, and was named a Disney Legend for his contributions.

5. The 101 Dalmatian spawned a sequel:

101 Dalmatians is a classic Disney film that debuted in 1961. The plot revolves around Cruella De Vil, a villainous woman obsessed with Dalmatian puppies.

The film was so successful that it spawned two sequels as well as a live-action remake. In 2021, Disney decided to release Cruella, a spin-off film that tells the story of how De Vil became the villain we all know and love.

The film was both critically and commercially successful, grossing more than $200 million at the box office. Emma Stone played the role of Cruella De Vil and received acclaim for her performance. Cruella is a must-see for 101 Dalmatian fans.

6. The dogs were not all black and white:

Dalmatians are typically black and white, but in the Disney film, the Dalmatians were grey and white. The animators used light grey paint instead of solid white paint to make the Dalmatians visible even in snowy scenes. White paint would have made the Dalmatians more difficult to see in the snow.

7. The highest-grossing film of 1961 was 101 Dalmatian:

We've already mentioned that 101 Dalmatian was a success, but let's be clear: it was a huge success. In 1961, the animated film outperformed other films such as The Parent Side and Gone With the Wind. With over 140,000,000 tickets sold, it grossed more than $102,000,000.

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